Allah Al-Azeez (the Exalted in Might)


Allah Al-Azeez (the Exalted in Might)

He is Allah the Exalted, Al-Azeez (the Exalted in Might).. &"And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise&" (Al-Anfâl: 67).

Allah is Al-&"Azeez (the Exalted in Might), Al-Qawi (the One Perfect in Strength), Al-Ghaleb[1] (the Controller)

He is never affected by any other powers, nor is He overwhelmed by anybody else... Exalted is Allah the Sublime, the All-Knowing.

&"Al-&"Azeez&" (the Exalted in Might)

&"Al-&"Azeez&" (the Exalted in Might)… To Him belongs all honour and might: that of power, that of victory and that of being invulnerable. No creature of Allah can harm Him, and He subdues all His creatures; all His creation are submissive to His Greatness.

His Might is Perfect and thus all of creation submit and yield to Him. All mighty ones are weak before Him, for all His creation is insignificant and each creature is submissive to Him.

&"Al-&"Azeez&" (the Exalted in Might)

He grants honour and might to whomsoever He wishes, and deprives it for whomsoever He wishes. He subdues whomsoever He wishes, and in His hand is all good. Allah says: &"Indeed, honour (due to power) belongs to Allah entirely&" (Yûnus: 65).

There is no honour or might from kinship, family, or wealth, as all honour or might come from Him.

&"Al-&"Azeez&" (the Exalted in Might)

All honour and might hail from Him, and no power is acquired except through Him. He who needs might and power must be close to Allah and direct his heart to Him. &"To Allah belongs (all) honour, and to His Messenger and to the believers&" (Al-Munafiqûn: 8).

He is Allah, Al-Azeez…

[1] Al-Ghaleb; Scholars differ about whether this is a Name of Allah or not