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Indeed it is God who splits up the seed and the kernel, and brings forth the living from the dead, the dead from the living. This is God: So whither do you stray?

He ushers in the dawn, and made the night for rest, the sun and moon a computation. Such is the measure appointed by Him, the omnipotent and all-wise.

It is He who made the stars by which you reckon your way through the darkness of the desert and the sea. Distinct have We made Our signs for those who recognise.

It is He who produced you from a single cell, and appointed a place of sojourning, (the womb of the mother), and a place of depositing, (the grave). How clear have We made Our signs for those who understand.

It is He who sends down water from the skies, and brings out of it everything that grows, the green foliage, the grain lying close, the date palm trees with clusters of dates, and the gardens of grapes, and of olives and pomegranates, so similar yet so unlike. Look at the fruits, how they appear on the trees, and they ripen. In all these are signs for those who believe.

Yet they ascribe to jinns a partnership with God, although He created them; and they ascribe to Him sons and daughters, without possessing any knowledge. All praise be to Him. He is much too exalted for things they associate (with Him).

Creator of the heavens and the earth from nothingness, how could He have a son when He has no mate? He created all things, and has knowledge of all things.