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[Who is] obligated not to say about Allah except the truth. I have come to you with clear evidence from your Lord, so send with me the Children of Israel.

[Pharaoh] said, |If you have come with a sign, then bring it forth, if you should be of the truthful.

So Moses threw his staff, and suddenly it was a serpent, manifest.

And he drew out his hand; thereupon it was white [with radiance] for the observers.

Said the eminent among the people of Pharaoh, |Indeed, this is a learned magician

Who wants to expel you from your land [through magic], so what do you instruct?|

They said, |Postpone [the matter of] him and his brother and send among the cities gatherers

Who will bring you every learned magician.

And the magicians came to Pharaoh. They said, |Indeed for us is a reward if we are the predominant.

He said, |Yes, and, [moreover], you will be among those made near [to me].

They said, |O Moses, either you throw [your staff], or we will be the ones to throw [first].

He said, |Throw,| and when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people and struck terror into them, and they presented a great [feat of] magic.

And We inspired to Moses, |Throw your staff,| and at once it devoured what they were falsifying.

So the truth was established, and abolished was what they were doing.

And Pharaoh and his people were overcome right there and became debased.

And the magicians fell down in prostration [to Allah ].