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And when you have boarded the ship, you and those with you, then say, 'Praise to Allah who has saved us form the wrongdoing people.'

And say, 'My Lord, let me land at a blessed landing place, and You are the best to accommodate [us].' |

Indeed in that are signs, and indeed, We are ever testing [Our servants].

Then We produced after them a generation of others.

And We sent among them a messenger from themselves, [saying], |Worship Allah ; you have no deity other than Him; then will you not fear Him?|

And the eminent among his people who disbelieved and denied the meeting of the Hereafter while We had given them luxury in the worldly life said, |This is not but a man like yourselves. He eats of that from which you eat and drinks of what you drink.

And if you should obey a man like yourselves, indeed, you would then be losers.

Does he promise you that when you have died and become dust and bones that you will be brought forth [once more]?

How far, how far, is that which you are promised.

Life is not but our worldly life - we die and live, but we will not be resurrected.

He is not but a man who has invented a lie about Allah , and we will not believe him.

He said, |My Lord, support me because they have denied me.

[ Allah ] said, |After a little, they will surely become regretful.

So the shriek seized them in truth, and We made them as [plant] stubble. Then away with the wrongdoing people.

Then We produced after them other generations.