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[Moses] said, |I did it, then, while I was of those astray.

So I fled from you when I feared you. Then my Lord granted me wisdom and prophethood and appointed me [as one] of the messengers.

And is this a favor of which you remind me - that you have enslaved the Children of Israel?|

Said Pharaoh, |And what is the Lord of the worlds?|

[Moses] said, |The Lord of the heavens and earth and that between them, if you should be convinced.

[Pharaoh] said to those around him, |Do you not hear?|

[Moses] said, |Your Lord and the Lord of your first forefathers.

[Pharaoh] said, |Indeed, your 'messenger' who has been sent to you is mad.

[Moses] said, |Lord of the east and the west and that between them, if you were to reason.

[Pharaoh] said, |If you take a god other than me, I will surely place you among those imprisoned.

[Moses] said, |Even if I brought you proof manifest?|

[Pharaoh] said, |Then bring it, if you should be of the truthful.

So [Moses] threw his staff, and suddenly it was a serpent manifest.

And he drew out his hand; thereupon it was white for the observers.

[Pharaoh] said to the eminent ones around him, |Indeed, this is a learned magician.

He wants to drive you out of your land by his magic, so what do you advise?|

They said, |Postpone [the matter of] him and his brother and send among the cities gatherers

Who will bring you every learned, skilled magician.

So the magicians were assembled for the appointment of a well-known day.

And it was said to the people, |Will you congregate