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And [mention] the Day when He will gather them all and then say to the angels, |Did these [people] used to worship you?|

They will say, |Exalted are You! You, [O Allah ], are our benefactor not them. Rather, they used to worship the jinn; most of them were believers in them.

But today you do not hold for one another [the power of] benefit or harm, and We will say to those who wronged, |Taste the punishment of the Fire, which you used to deny.

And when our verses are recited to them as clear evidences, they say, |This is not but a man who wishes to avert you from that which your fathers were worshipping.| And they say, |This is not except a lie invented.| And those who disbelieve say of the truth when it has come to them, |This is not but obvious magic.

And We had not given them any scriptures which they could study, and We had not sent to them before you, [O Muúammad], any warner.

And those before them denied, and the people of Makkah have not attained a tenth of what We had given them. But the former peoples denied My messengers, so how [terrible] was My reproach.

Say, |I only advise you of one [thing] - that you stand for Allah , [seeking truth] in pairs and individually, and then give thought.| There is not in your companion any madness. He is only a warner to you before a severe punishment.

Say, |Whatever payment I might have asked of you - it is yours. My payment is only from Allah , and He is, over all things, Witness.

Say, |Indeed, my Lord projects the truth. Knower of the unseen.