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So who is more unjust than one who lies about Allah and denies the truth when it has come to him? Is there not in Hell a residence for the disbelievers?

And the one who has brought the truth and [they who] believed in it - those are the righteous.

They will have whatever they desire with their Lord. That is the reward of the doers of good -

That Allah may remove from them the worst of what they did and reward them their due for the best of what they used to do.

Is not Allah sufficient for His Servant [Prophet Muúammad]? And [yet], they threaten you with those [they worship] other than Him. And whoever Allah leaves astray - for him there is no guide.

And whoever Allah guides - for him there is no misleader. Is not Allah Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution?

And if you asked them, |Who created the heavens and the earth?| they would surely say, | Allah .| Say, |Then have you considered what you invoke besides Allah ? If Allah intended me harm, are they removers of His harm; or if He intended me mercy, are they withholders of His mercy?| Say, |Sufficient for me is Allah ; upon Him [alone] rely the [wise] reliers.

Say, |O my people, work according to your position, [for] indeed, I am working; and you are going to know

To whom will come a torment disgracing him and on whom will descend an enduring punishment.