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And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein

When the two receivers receive, seated on the right and on the left.

Man does not utter any word except that with him is an observer prepared [to record].

And the intoxication of death will bring the truth; that is what you were trying to avoid.

And the Horn will be blown. That is the Day of [carrying out] the threat.

And every soul will come, with it a driver and a witness.

[It will be said], |You were certainly in unmindfulness of this, and We have removed from you your cover, so your sight, this Day, is sharp.

And his companion, [the angel], will say, |This [record] is what is with me, prepared.

[ Allah will say], |Throw into Hell every obstinate disbeliever,

Preventer of good, aggressor, and doubter,

Who made [as equal] with Allah another deity; then throw him into the severe punishment.

His [devil] companion will say, |Our Lord, I did not make him transgress, but he [himself] was in extreme error.

[ Allah ] will say, |Do not dispute before Me, while I had already presented to you the warning.

The word will not be changed with Me, and never will I be unjust to the servants.

On the Day We will say to Hell, |Have you been filled?| and it will say, |Are there some more,|

And Paradise will be brought near to the righteous, not far,

[It will be said], |This is what you were promised - for every returner [to Allah ] and keeper [of His covenant]

Who feared the Most Merciful unseen and came with a heart returning [in repentance].

Enter it in peace. This is the Day of Eternity.

They will have whatever they wish therein, and with Us is more.