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By the heaven containing pathways,

Indeed, you are in differing speech.

Deluded away from the Qur'an is he who is deluded.

Destroyed are the falsifiers

Who are within a flood [of confusion] and heedless.

They ask, |When is the Day of Recompense?|

[It is] the Day they will be tormented over the Fire

[And will be told], |Taste your torment. This is that for which you were impatient.

Indeed, the righteous will be among gardens and springs,

Accepting what their Lord has given them. Indeed, they were before that doers of good.

They used to sleep but little of the night,

And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness,

And from their properties was [given] the right of the [needy] petitioner and the deprived.

And on the earth are signs for the certain [in faith]

And in yourselves. Then will you not see?

And in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised.

Then by the Lord of the heaven and earth, indeed, it is truth - just as [sure as] it is that you are speaking.

Has there reached you the story of the honored guests of Abraham? -

When they entered upon him and said, |[We greet you with] peace.| He answered, |[And upon you] peace, [you are] a people unknown.

Then he went to his family and came with a fat [roasted] calf

And placed it near them; he said, |Will you not eat?|

And he felt from them apprehension. They said, |Fear not,| and gave him good tidings of a learned boy.

And his wife approached with a cry [of alarm] and struck her face and said, |[I am] a barren old woman!|

They said, |Thus has said your Lord; indeed, He is the Wise, the Knowing.