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Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds - the Most Merciful will appoint for them affection.

So, [O Muúammad], We have only made Qur'an easy in the Arabic language that you may give good tidings thereby to the righteous and warn thereby a hostile people.

And how many have We destroyed before them of generations? Do you perceive of them anyone or hear from them a sound?

Ta, Ha.

We have not sent down to you the Qur'an that you be distressed

But only as a reminder for those who fear [ Allah ] -

A revelation from He who created the earth and highest heavens,

The Most Merciful [who is] above the Throne established.

To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is on the earth and what is between them and what is under the soil.

And if you speak aloud - then indeed, He knows the secret and what is [even] more hidden.

Allah - there is no deity except Him. To Him belong the best names.

And has the story of Moses reached you? -

When he saw a fire and said to his family, |Stay here; indeed, I have perceived a fire; perhaps I can bring you a torch or find at the fire some guidance.

And when he came to it, he was called, |O Moses,

Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals. Indeed, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa.