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Surely the believers and the Jews, Nazareans and the Sabians, whoever believes in God and the Last Day, and whosoever does right, shall have his reward with his Lord and will neither have fear nor regret.

Remember the day We made the covenant with you and exalted you on the Mount and said: "Hold fast to what We have given you, and remember what is therein that you may take heed."

But you went back (on your word), and but for the mercy and grace of God you were lost.

You know and have known already those among you who had broken the sanctity of the Sabbath, and to whom We had said: "Become (like) apes despised,"

And whom We made an example for the people (of the day) and those after them, and warning for those who fear God.

Remember, when Moses said to his people: "God demands that you sacrifice a cow," they said: "Are you making fun of us?" And he said: "God forbid that I be of the ignorant."

"Call on your Lord for us," they said, "that He might inform us what kind she should be." "Neither old nor young, says God, but of age in between," answered Moses. "So do as you are bid."

"Call on your Lord," they said, "to tell us the colour of the cow." "God says," answered Moses, "a fawn coloured cow, rich yellow, well pleasing to the eye."