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That is why We decreed for the children of Israel that whosoever kills a human being, except (as punishment) for murder or for spreading corruption in the land, it shall be like killing all humanity; and whosoever saves a life, saves the entire human race. Our apostles brought clear proofs to them; but even after that most of them committed excesses in the land.

The punishment for those who wage war against God and His Prophet, and perpetrate disorders in the land, is to kill or hang them, or have a hand on one side and a foot on the other cut off, or banish them from the land. Such is their disgrace in the world, and in the Hereafter their doom shall be dreadful.

But those who repent before they are subdued should know that God is forgiving and kind.

O you who believe, follow the path shown to you by God, and seek the way of proximity to Him, and struggle in His way: you may have success.

As for unbelievers, if they possess the riches of the whole earth, and two times more, and offer it as ransom for release from the torments of the Day of Resurrection, it will not be accepted from them, and their punishment will surely be painful.