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And why should we not believe in God and what has come down to us of the truth? And we hope to be admitted by our Lord among those who are upright and do good?"

God will reward them for saying so with gardens where streams flow by, where they will live for ever. This is the recompense of those who do good.

But those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations are residents of Hell.

O believers, do not forbid the good things God has made lawful for you; and do not transgress. God does not love transgressors.

Eat what is lawful and good of the provisions God has bestowed on you, and fear God in whom you believe.

God does not punish you but for what you swear in earnest. The expiation (for breaking an oath) is feeding ten persons who are poor, with food that you give your own families, or clothing them, or freeing a slave. But he who cannot do so should fast for three days. This is the expiation for an oath when you have sworn it. So abide by your oaths. Thus God makes His commandments clear to you: You may perhaps be grateful.

O believers, this wine and gambling, these idols, and these arrows you use for divination, are all acts of Satan; so keep away from them. You may haply prosper.