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Satan only wishes to create among you enmity and hatred through wine and gambling, and to divert you from the remembrance of God and prayer. Will you therefore not desist?

Obey God and the Prophet, and beware. If you turn away, remember, that the duty of Our Apostle is to give you a clear warning.

Those who believe and perform good deeds will not be held guilty for what they have eaten (in the past) if they fear God and believe, and do good things and are conscious (of God) and believe, and still fear and do good, for God loves those who do good.

O you who believe, God will surely try you with the game that you take with your hands or your lances, in order to know who fear Him unseen. Whosoever transgress after this will suffer grievous punishment.

O you who believe, do not kill game when you are on pilgrimage. And anyone among you who does so on purpose should offer livestock of equivalent value, determined by two honourable persons among you, (as atonement), to be brought to the Ka'bah as an offering; or else expiate by giving food to the poor, or its equivalent in fasting, so that he may realise the gravity of his deed. God has forgiven what has happened in the past; but any one who does so again will be punished by God. And God is severe in requital.