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But no. What they were hiding has now become clear to them. If they were sent back they would surely return to what had been forbidden them, for surely they are liars.

They say: "There is no other life but that of this world, and we will not be raised (from the dead)."

If you see them when they are put before their Lord, He will say to them: "Is not this the truth?" They will answer: "Indeed, by our Lord." He will say: "Then taste the agony of punishment for what you had denied."

They are surely lost who call the meeting with God a lie. When the Hour comes upon them unawares, they will say: "Alas, we neglected it!" and carry their burdens on their backs: How evil the burden they will carry!

As for the life of this world, it is nothing but a frolic and frivolity. The final abode is the best for those who are pious and fear God. Do you not comprehend?

We know what they say distresses you. It is not you in fact they accuse of lies, but the wicked deny the revelations of God!

Many an apostle has been accused of lies before you. Yet they bore with fortitude the falsehoods and the hurt until our help arrived. There is no changing the word of God: The news of (past) apostles has come to you already.

If their aversion still weighs upon you, seek out a tunnel (going deep) into the earth, or a ladder reaching out to the skies, and bring them a sign: (Even then they will not believe). If God had willed He would have brought them all to the right path. So be not like the pagans.