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Thus were the wicked people rooted out of existence to the last. All praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.

Say: "Imagine if God takes away your hearing and sight, and sets a seal on your hearts, what deity other than God will restore them to you?" See how We inflect Our signs: Even then they turn aside.

Say: "Imagine if the punishment of God were to come unawares, or openly, who will perish but the evil-doers?"

We do not send apostles but to give good tidings and to warn. Then those who believe or reform will have neither fear nor regret.

But those who deny Our messages will be seized by nemesis for being disobedient.

Tell them: "I do not say that I possess the treasures of God, or have knowledge of the Unknown, or that I am an angel. I only follow what is sent down to me." And say: "How can a blind man and a man who can see, be alike? Will you not reflect?"

Warn those who fear, through this (Qur'an), that they will be gathered before their Lord, and they will have none to protect or intercede for them apart from Him. They may haply take heed for themselves.

Do not turn away those who supplicate their Lord morning and evening, seeking His magnificence. You are not accountable for them in the least, nor they for you at all. If you drive them away you will only be unjust.