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This is God, your Lord; there is no god but He, the creator of all things. So pay homage to Him, for He takes care of everything.

No eyes can penetrate Him, but He penetrates all eyes, and He knows all the mysteries, for He is all-knowing.

To you have come signs from your Lord, (and the light of understanding). So any one who sees (and understands) does so for himself, and any one who turns blind shall suffer the consequences alone. (Say:) "I am not a guardian over you (to make you understand)."

Thus in varied ways We explain Our signs so that they may say: "You have been instructed," and that We might make it clear to those who understand.

So follow what is sent down to you by your Lord, for homage is due to no one but God, and turn away from idolaters.

Had He willed they would not have been idolaters. We have not appointed you their guardian, nor are you their pleader.

Do not revile those who invoke others apart from God, lest they begin to revile God out of malice and ignorance. We have made attractive their deeds to every people. They have to go back to their Lord, when He will tell them what they used to do.

They solemnly swear by God: "If a sign comes to us we shall certainly believe in it." Tell them: "The signs are with God." Yet for all you know they will not believe if the signs came to them.

We shall turn their hearts and their eyes, for they did not believe them at the very first, and leave them to wander perplexed in bewilderment.