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And why should you not eat of that over which the name of God has been pronounced, when He has made it distinctly clear what is forbidden, unless you are constrained to do so. Surely many (men) mislead others into following their vain desires through lack of knowledge. Your Lord certainly knows the transgressors.

Discard both the visible and invisible sin. For those who sin will be punished for what they have done.

Do not eat of that over which God's name has not been pronounced, for that would amount to exceeding the limits of law. Certainly the devils inspire their proteges to dispute with you: If you obey them, you will surely become an idolater.

Can he who was lifeless, to whom We gave life, and gave him a light in whose glow he walks among men, be like him who is used to darkness from which he can never emerge? Thus have been their doings made attractive to unbelievers.

And thus have We placed in every city the greatest of the sinners to contrive and deceive; yet they contrive against no one but themselves even though they do not know.

Every time a sign comes to them they say: "We shall never believe till what God's apostles had been given comes to us." God knows best where to direct His messages. A degradation will befall the sinners and chastisement from God for deceiving.