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Do not spend the belongings of the orphans but for their betterment, until they come of age; and give in full measure, and weigh justly on the balance. God does not burden a soul beyond capacity. When you say a thing, let it be just, even though the matter relate to a relative of yours, and fulfil a promise made to God. These are the things that He has enjoined that you may take heed.

(He has further commanded:) 'This is My straight path, so walk along it, and do not follow other ways, lest you should turn away from the right one.' All this has He commanded. You may perhaps take heed for yourselves."

To that end We gave the Book to Moses, a perfect law, distinctly explaining all things, and a guidance and grace, so that they should believe in the meeting with their Lord.

Blessed is this Book We have revealed; so follow it and preserve yourself from evil that you may qualify for grace,

Lest you say: "The Book that was sent before was meant only for two groups; we were not aware of their teachings;"

Or that: "Had the Book been sent down to us we would surely have been guided better than they." So you have now received from your Lord a clear proof and a guidance and grace. Then who is more wicked than he who denies the signs of God and turns away from them? We shall punish those severely who turn away: A requital indeed for having turned aside.