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What are the people waiting for? For the angels to come down, or your Lord to appear, or some signs from your Lord? The day when certain signs appear from your Lord, the embracing of faith shall not be of any avail to one who did not come to belief at first, or who did not perform good deeds by virtue of his faith. Tell them: "Wait on, we are waiting too (for the good and evil to become distinct)."

As for those who have created schisms in their order, and formed different sects, you have no concern with them. Their affair is with God. He will tell them the truth of what they were doing.

He who does a good deed will receive ten times its worth; and he who does evil will be requited to an equal degree; and no one will be wronged.

Tell them: "My Lord has directed me to a path that is straight, a supreme law, the creed of Abraham the upright who was not an idolater."

Tell them: "My service and sacrifice, my life and my death, are all of them for God, the creator and Lord of all the worlds.

No equal has He, I am commanded (to declare), and that I am the first to submit."

Say: "Shall I search for another lord apart from God when He is the only Lord of all and everything?" Each soul earns (what it earns) for itself, and no man shall bear another's burden. You have to go back to your Lord in the end when He will tell you about the things you disputed.

It is He who made you trustees on the earth, and exalted some in rank over others in order to try you by what He has given you. Indeed your Lord's retribution is swift, yet He is forgiving and kind.