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Alif Lam Mim Sad.

This Book has been sent down to you; so do not hesitate to warn (the unbelievers) through it, and remind the faithful.

Follow what has been revealed to you by your Lord, and do not follow any other lord apart from Him. Yet little do you care to remember.

Many a habitation have We laid low before: Our retribution came upon them in the night or in the midst of siesta at noon.

And when Our punishment overtook them they had nothing to say except crying out: "We have indeed been sinners."

(On the Day of Reckoning) We shall question the people to whom We had sent Our apostles, (if they followed their teachings), and will question the apostles.

We shall recount (their deeds) to them with knowledge, for We were never absent (and saw all they did).

And the weighing will be just on that Day. Then those whose (deeds) are heavier in the balance will find fulfilment,

And those whose (deeds) are lighter in the scale shall perish for violating Our signs.

We settled you on the earth, and provided means of livelihood for you in it; but little are the thanks you give.

Verily We created you and gave you form and shape, and ordered the angels to bow before Adam in homage; and they all bowed but Iblis who was not among those who bowed.