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"What prevented you" (said God), "from bowing (before Adam) at My bidding?" "I am better than him," said he. "You created me from fire, and him from clay."

So God said: "Descend. You have no right to be insolent here. Go, and away; you are one of the damned."

"Grant me respite," said he, "till the raising of the dead."

And God said: "You have the respite."

"Since You led me into error," said Iblis, "I shall lie in wait for them along Your straight path.

And I shall come upon them from the front and behind, right and left; and You will not find among them many who would give thanks."

"Begone," said (God), "contemptible and rejected! As for those who follow you, I shall fill up Hell with all of you.

And you, O Adam, and your spouse, live in the Garden and eat your fill wheresoever you like, but do not approach this tree, or you will become iniquitous."

But Satan suggested (evil) to them, in order to reveal their hidden parts of which they were not aware (till then), and said: "Your Lord has forbidden you (to go near) this tree that you may not become angels or immortal."

Then he said to them on oath: "I am your sincere friend;"

And led them (to the tree) by deceit. When they tasted (the fruit) of the tree their disgrace became exposed to them; and they patched the leaves of the Garden to hide it. And the Lord said to them: "Did I not forbid you this tree? And I told you that Satan was your open enemy.