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And said: "We have come to believe in the Lord of all the worlds,

"The Lord of Moses and Aaron."

But Pharaoh said: "You have come to accept belief in Him without my permission! This surely is a plot you have hatched to expel the people from the land. You will soon come to know.

"I will have your hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, and have you all crucified."

They answered: "We have (in any case) to go back to our Lord.

"The only reason you have to hate us is that we believed in the signs of our Lord as they came to us. O our Lord, give us sufficient endurance that we may die submitting (to You)."

And the leaders of Pharaoh's people said to him: "Would you allow Moses and his people to create disorder in the land and discard you and your gods?" He replied: "We shall now slay their sons and spare their women, and subdue them."

Said Moses to his people: "Invoke the help of God and be firm. The earth belongs to God: He can make whom He wills among His creatures inherit it. The future is theirs who take heed for themselves."

They said: "We were oppressed before you came, and have been since you have come to us." He answered: "It may well be that soon God may destroy your enemy and make you inherit the land, and then see how you behave."

We afflicted the people of Pharaoh with famine and dearth of everything that they might take heed.