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Enjoin for us good in the world, and good in the world to come. We turn to You alone." And the Lord said: "I punish only those whom I will, but My mercy enfolds everything. I shall enjoin it for those who take heed for themselves, who pay the zakat and believe in My signs,

Who follow the messenger, the gentile Prophet, described in the Torah and the Gospel, who bids things noble and forbids things vile, makes lawful what is clean, and prohibits what is foul, who relieves them of their burdens, and the yoke that lies upon them. Those who believe and honour and help him, and follow the light sent with him, are those who will attain their goal."

Say: "O men, I am verily the apostle of God to you all. His whose kingdom extends over the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He, the giver of life and death. So believe in God and the messenger, the gentile Prophet, sent by Him, who believes in God and His messages. Obey him; you may haply be guided aright."

Among the people of Moses is a section that shows the way to the truth, and deals justly in accordance with it.