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The day We shook the mountain above them like an awning, and they feared it would fall over them, (We said): "Hold fast to what We have given you, and bear in mind what is (said) therein so that you may take heed."

When your Lord brings forth from their loins the offspring of the children of Adam, He makes them witnesses over themselves, (and asks): "Am I not your Lord?" 'Indeed,' they reply. 'We bear witness,' -- lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: "We were not aware of this;"

Or, lest they should say: "It were our fathers who had ascribed compeers to God; we are only their offspring. Will You destroy us for the deeds of those who dealt in vanities?"

That is how We explain Our signs distinctly so that they may come back (to the right path).

Relate to them the plight of the man whom We gave Our signs, but he passed them by, so that Satan came after him, and he went astray.

We wished to exalt him, but he loved baseness and followed his lust. His likeness is that of a dog who hangs out his tongue if you drive him away, and still hangs it out if you leave him alone. Such is the case of the people who deny Our signs. Narrate this history to them; they may haply reflect.

Evil is the case of those who deny Our signs and wrong themselves.

He alone is guided whom God shows the way; and whom He leads astray is surely lost.