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Tell them: "I am not master of my own gain or loss but as God may please. If I had the knowledge of the Unknown I would have enjoyed abundance of the good, and no evil would have touched me. I am only a bearer of warnings and bringer of happy news for those who believe."

It is He who created you from a single cell, and from it created its mate, that you may live as companions. When the man covered the woman she conceived a light burden and carried it about. And when she was heavy (with child) they prayed together to their Lord: "If You bestow a healthy son on us we shall truly be grateful."

But when they were given a healthy son, they started ascribing to other powers a share in what God had bestowed on them. But God is above what they ascribe to Him.

Do they associate those with Him who cannot create a thing, and are themselves created,

Who can neither help them, nor help themselves?

If you call them to guidance they will not follow you. It is all the same if you call them or hold your tongue.

Those whom you invoke besides God are created beings like you. So call on them and let them answer your call, if what you say is true.

Do they have feet to walk on, or hands to hold with, or eyes to see and ears to hear with? Say to them: "Call your compeers, and work out a plot against me, and do not give me time.