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Remember, when you were few and powerless in the land, afraid of despoliation at the hands of men. But then God sheltered and helped you to strength, and provided for you good things that you may perhaps be grateful.

O you who believe, do not be faithless to God and His Apostle, nor violate your trusts knowingly.

Know that your worldly possessions and your children are just a temptation, and that God has greater rewards with Him.

O believers, if you follow the path shown by God, He will give you a standard (of right and wrong), and overlook your sins, and forgive you. God is abounding in benevolence.

Remember, when the infidels contrived to make you a prisoner or to murder or expel you, they plotted, but God also planned; and God's plan is the best.

When Our messages were read out to them, they said: "We have heard. We could certainly compose (writings) like them if we choose. They are but only tales of long ago."

They had also said: "If this be the truth from you, O God, then rain down on us stones from the skies, or inflict a grievous punishment upon us."

But God would not choose to punish them while you are in their midst, nor afflict them when they are seeking forgiveness.