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But what is there so special they have that God should not punish them when they obstruct people from the Holy Mosque, though they are not its (appointed) guardians? Its guardians could be only those who are pious and devout. But most of them do not know.

Their worship in the House of God has been no more than whistling and clapping. So they have to taste the punishment for disbelief.

Those who disbelieve spend their possessions on turning men away from God. They will go on spending and rue it in the end, and will be subdued. But those who remain disbelievers shall be gathered into Hell

That God may separate the bad from the good, and link the wicked together and cast them into Hell. These are verily the people who will lose.

You tell the unbelievers in case they desist whatever has happened will be forgiven them. If they persist, they should remember the fate of those who have gone before them.

So, fight them till all opposition ends, and obedience is wholly God's. If they desist then verily God sees all they do.

But if they are obstinate, know that God is your helper and protector: How excellent a helper, and how excellent a protector is He!