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Yet God may turn (even) after this to whomsoever He please, for God is compassionate and kind.

O believers, the idolaters are unclean. So they should not approach the Holy Mosque after this year. In case you fear indigence (from the stoppage of business with them), then God will enrich you of His bounty if He will, for God is all-knowing and all-wise.

Fight those people of the Book who do not believe in God and the Last Day, who do not prohibit what God and His Apostle have forbidden, nor accept divine law, until all of them pay protective tax in submission.

The Jews say: "Ezra is the son of God;" the Christians say: "Christ is the son of God." That is what they say with their tongues following assertions made by unbelievers before them. May they be damned by God: How perverse are they!

They consider their rabbis and monks and the Christ, son of Mary, to be gods apart from God, even though they had been enjoined to worship only one God, for there is no god but He. Too holy is He for what they ascribe to Him!