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They had tried to create disorder before and intrigued against you, but truth came out in the end and God's will prevailed, even though they did not like it.

And (many a one) there is among them who says: "Allow me (to stay back at home), and put me not on trial." Surely they have put themselves on trial already, and Hell will enclose the unbelievers from all sides.

If good comes your way they are vexed, but if calamity befalls you, they say: "We had taken precautions in advance;" and pleased, turn away.

Tell them: "Nothing can befall us except what God decrees. Our protector is He, and in God should the faithful place their trust."

Say: "Are you waiting for anything else but one of two good things for us, (victory or martyrdom)? Yet what we are waiting for you is the punishment of God, direct or through us. So keep waiting; we are waiting with you."

Tell them: "You may spend (in the way of God), whether willingly or with reluctance, it will not be accepted from you, for you are reprobates."

Nothing prevents the acceptance of what they spend except that they do not believe in God and His Apostle, and come to worship but languidly and spend only grudgingly.