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They prefer to be with women who (are allowed to) stay at home during war, and their hearts are sealed; so they fail to understand.

But the Prophet and those who have embraced the faith with him, and have fought wealth and soul (in the way of God), are blessed and will be successful.

God has provision for them of gardens with Streams of running water, where they will abide for ever. This will be the supreme triumph.

Some Arabs of the desert came with ready excuses, asking for leave to stay behind. But those who had lied to God and His Prophet stayed at home doing nothing. So the punishment for those who disbelieve among them will be painful.

No blame will attach to the old and the sick, or those without means to spend on good acts, if they stay behind provided they are sincere to God and His Apostle; There is no way to blame those who are doers of good, for God is forgiving and kind.

Nor will they be blamed who came to you for transport, to whom you said: "I cannot find any means of conveyance for you," and they went away in tears, grieving that they lacked the means to spend (on carriage).

Blame will lie on those who are rich yet ask your leave to stay behind. They prefer to stay with women who stay at home, and God seals their hearts; so they do not understand.