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When you come back they will offer excuses to you. Tell them: "Make no excuses; we do not believe you. God has informed us about you; and God and His Apostle shall watch your conduct. Then you will be brought to Him who knows what is hidden and what is manifest. He will tell you of what you did."

They will beg you in the name of God, on your return, to forgive them; but you keep away from them: They are scum; their abode is Hell: Requital for what they had done.

They will plead on oath that you accept them. Even if you accept them, remember God does not accept people who are disobedient.

The village Arabs are more obstinate in disbelief and hypocrisy, and impervious to ordinances revealed to His Apostle by God; yet God is aware of everything and is wise.

Some of these rustics take whatever they spend in the way of God as a penalty, and wait for an adverse turn in your fortune. For them will be the adverse change, as God hears all and knows everything.

Yet some Arabs of the desert believe in God and the Last Day, and consider what they spend to be a means of bringing them nearer to God and the blessings of the Prophet. This is certainly a means of achieving nearness (to God), and God will admit them to His mercy, for God is forgiving and kind.