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When We let them taste Our mercy after affliction, they contrive against Our signs. Say: "God is swifter at contriving," for Our angels record everything you plan.

It is He who enables you to travel over land and sea. When you sail in ships in a favourable breeze, you rejoice. But when a gale begins to blow and the waves dash against them from every side they realise that they have been caught in it, (and) they call on God in all faith: "If You save us from this we shall ever be grateful."

But when He rescues them, they commit excesses in the land unjustly again. Your rebellion, O people, shall recoil back on your own selves. The joys of the world (are only ephemeral): You have to come back to Us in the end. We shall then inform you what you were doing.

The life of the world is like the rain that waters the crops of the earth which are used as food by men and cattle. But when the earth is embellished and adorned with gold, and its tillers begin to feel that (the crops) are under control, Our command descends suddenly at night or in the day, and We mow them down as though there was nothing there yesterday. This is how We distinctly explain Our signs to those who think.

God invites you to mansions of peace, and guides whosoever He will to the path that is straight