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Some of them look toward you: But can you show the blind the way even when they cannot see?

Surely God does not wrong anyone; they wrong themselves.

The day He will gather them together it will appear to them that they had lived (in the world) but an hour of a day to make each other's acquaintance. Verily those who deny the meeting with God will be lost, and not find the way.

Whether We show you some of the promise (of punishment in wait) for them, or take you to Ourself, their returning is to Us in the end; and God is a witness to all they do.

For every people there is an apostle; and when their apostle is come the matter is decided between them equitably, and no one is wronged.

They say: "When is this promise going to come, if what you say is true?"

Say: "I have no power over my own gain or loss other than what God may please." Every people have a certain term. When their time is come they can neither delay it an hour nor advance it a moment forward.

Say: "Have you ever thought if His punishment befalls you at night or in the day, what would the sinners do to despatch it?

Will you believe it when it comes to pass? Indeed, you will believe it then. How impatient you were to hasten it!

Then will the sinners be told: "Now taste everlasting torment. Should you be rewarded for anything else but what you did?"

Yet they want to be informed if it is true. Say: "By my Lord, it is the truth. You cannot invalidate it."