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Remember, there is neither fear nor regret for the friends of God.

Those who believe and obey God,

For them is good news in the life of the world and in the life to come. There is no changing the words of God. That will be the great triumph.

You should not be grieved by what they say. All glory is wholly for God: He is the one who hears and knows everything.

Remember, whosoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. Those who call on others they associate with God, follow nothing but conjecture, and only guess.

It is He who made the night for you to rest, and made the day enlightening. Indeed there are signs in this for those who listen.

They say: "God has begotten a son." Immaculate is He and self-sufficient." Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. You have no proof for this (assertion): Why do you say things of God you do not know?

Say: "Those who fabricate lies about God will never succeed."

Let them profit by the world (while they may): In the end they will come back to Us. Then We shall make them taste severe punishment for having denied (the truth).