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"Bring the cleverest magicians to me," said the Pharaoh.

So when the magicians arrived, Moses said to them: "Cast whatever (spell) you have to cast."

When they had cast (their spell) Moses said: "What you have cast is only a charm which God will surely nullify. God does not verily render the deeds of evil-doers righteous.

God vindicates the truth by His commands, however the sinners may dislike it."

But none of them put faith in Moses except some youths among his people who were nonetheless afraid lest the Pharaoh and his nobles should persecute them; for the Pharaoh was mighty in the land, and guilty of excesses.

Moses said: "O my people, if you do believe in God place your trust in Him if you are obedient."

They answered: "We have placed our trust in God. O Lord, do not make us a target of oppression for these tyrannical people,

And deliver us by Your grace from a people who do not believe."

We commanded Moses and his brother: "Build homes for your people in Egypt, and make your houses places of worship, perform your acts of prayer and give happy tidings to those who believe."

And Moses said: "O Lord, have You bestowed on the Pharaoh and his nobles pomp and plenty in the life of this world that they might mislead people from Your path? Destroy their possessions, O Lord, and harden their hearts that they may not believe until they face the painful punishment."