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Why has there been no habitation that believed and profited by their faith, except the people of Jonah? When they came to believe, We removed from them the affliction of shame in the world, and made them prosperous for a time.

If your Lord had willed, all the people on the earth would have come to believe, one and all.

Are you going to compel the people to believe except by God's dispensation? He puts doubt in (the minds of) those who do not think.

Say: "Observe all there is in the heavens and the earth." But signs or warnings will be of no avail to those who do not believe.

Can they expect anything but what the people before them had known? Say: "Then wait. I am waiting with you."

Thus do We deliver our apostles and those who believe. As a matter of duty We save the believers.

Say: "O men, if you have doubt about my faith, then (know) I do not worship those you worship apart from God, but I worship God who makes you die; and I am commanded to be a believer,

And to set my face toward the way, as one upright, and not be one of those who associate others with God.

And not to invoke any other than God, who can neither help nor hurt me; for if I do, I would surely be unjust.