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I do not demand for it any wealth from you, O my people. My reward is with God. And I will not drive those away who believe. They have also to meet their Lord. But I see you are an ignorant people.

O my people, who will save me from God if I drive them away? Do you not understand?

I say not that I have the treasures of God, or that I possess the knowledge of the unknown. I do not claim to be an angel, nor can I say that God will not bestow any good on those you disdain, for God is cognisant of what is in their hearts. If I say this, I will surely be unjust."

They said: "O Noah, you have argued with us, and disputed at length; so bring that (retribution) you promise, if you speak the truth."

He replied: "Only God will bring it on you if He please, and you cannot prevail against Him.

Even if I wish to advise you aright, my counsel will not profit you if God intend that you go astray, for He is your Lord and to Him you will return."

Do they say you have fabricated it? Tell them: "If I have fabricated it, then mine is the guilt; but I am clear of what you are guilty."

And Noah was informed through revelation: "Apart from those who have come to believe already not one of your people is going to believe. So grieve not for what they are doing.

Build an ark under Our eye and as We instruct. Do not plead for those who have been wicked, for they shall certainly be drowned."