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She said: "Woe betide me! Will I give birth when I am old and this my husband be aged? This is indeed surprising!"

"Why are you surprised at the command of God? God's mercy and blessings be upon you, O members of this household," they said. "Verily He is worthy of praise and glory."

When Abraham's fear was dispelled, and the good news had come to him, he pleaded for the people of Lot with Us.

Abraham was kind, compassionate, and penitent.

"Desist from pleading, O Abraham," (they said). "Your Lord's command has verily been issued, and a punishment that cannot be averted is bound to fall on them."

So when Our angels came to Lot, he grieved for them, and felt powerless to help them, and said: "This is a day of sorrow.

His people came excited to him. They were addicted to sin already. Said (Lot): "O my people, these daughters of mine are cleaner (and lawful) for you. Have fear of God, and do not shame me before my guests. Is there no man of discernment among you?"

They said: "You know we have no need for your daughters, and know well what we want."

"I wish I had the power to resist you," said (Lot), "or powerful support."

(The angels) said: "O Lot, we have verily been sent by your Lord. They will never be able to harm you. So, leave late at night with your family, and none of you should turn back to look; but your wife will suffer (the fate) they are going to suffer. Their hour of doom is in the morning: Is not the morning nigh?"