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But if your Lord had pleased He could have made all human beings into one community of belief. But they would still have differed from one another,

Except those on whom your Lord had mercy for which He has created them. But fulfilled shall be the word of your Lord. "I will fill up Hell with jinns and men."

The histories of apostles that We relate to you are (meant) to strengthen your heart. Through them has the truth come to you, and guidance, and reminder to those who believe.

Say to the infidels. "Act as best you can, we are acting too;

And wait (for what is to come), we are also waiting (to see)."

To God belong the secrets of the heavens and the earth, and all things will go back to Him. So worship Him and put your trust in Him; your Lord is not heedless of what you do.

ALIF LAM RA. These are the verses of the immaculate Book.

We have sent it down as a clear discourse that you may understand.

Through the revelation of this Qur'an We narrate the best of histories of which you were unaware before.

When Joseph told his father: "O my father, I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon bowing before me in homage,"