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But I do not wish to absolve myself, for the soul is prone to evil, unless my Lord have mercy. Indeed my Lord is forgiving and kind." --

When the king heard this he said: "Bring him to me. I shall take him in my special service." When he had talked to him, he said: "Today you are established in a rank of trust with us."

"Appoint me over the granaries of the land," (he said); "I shall be a knowledgeable keeper."

Thus We gave Joseph authority in the land so that he lived wherever he liked. We bestow Our favours on whomsoever We please, and do not allow the reward of those who are good to go waste.

And certainly the recompense of the life to come is better for those who believe and follow the right path.

The brothers of Joseph came (to Egypt) and visited him. He recognised them, though they did not recognise him.

When he had supplied their provisions, he said to them: "Bring your (half) brother with you. Have you not seen that I have given full measure, and that I am the best of hosts?

But if you do not bring him with you, then I shall have no grain for you, nor should you come back to me."

They said: "We shall request his father, and will certainly do that."

Then he ordered his servants: "Put their money back in their packs: They may find it on reaching home, and perhaps come again."

When they returned to their father, they said: "O father, a further measure has been denied us. So send our brother with us that he may bring more grain. We shall take care of him."