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Then, as the harbinger of happy news arrived and put the garment over his face his eyesight was restored. He said: "Did I not tell you? I know from God what you do not know."

Said (the sons): "O our father, pray for us that our sins be forgiven, for we are really sinners."

"I will ask my Lord to forgive you," he replied, "for He is forgiving and kind."

When they went back to Joseph he gave his father and mother a place of honour, and said: "Enter Egypt in peace by the will of God."

He seated his parents by his side on the throne; and they fell down before him in homage. "O my father," said Joseph, "this is the meaning of my earlier dream. My Lord has made it come true. He was gracious in getting me out of the prison, and bringing you out of the desert to me after the discord created by Satan between me and my brothers, for my Lord is gracious to whomsoever He please. He is indeed all-knowing and all-wise.

O my Lord, you have given me dominion and taught me the interpretation of dreams; O Creator of the heavens and the earth, You alone are my saviour in this world and the world to come; let me die submitting to You, and place me among the upright."

This is news of the unknown We reveal to you, for you were not present when Joseph's brothers agreed on their course of action, and devised their plot.

Many men will not believe howsoever you wish,