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Even though you ask no recompense (for it). It is only a warning for all mankind.

How many a sign there is in the heavens and the earth which most men pass by and ignore,

Not only do they not believe in God, but also associate others with Him.

Do they really believe that an all-embracing punishment of God will not come upon them, or the Day of Doom overtake them suddenly while they remain unaware?

Say: "My way, and that of my followers, is to call you to God with full perception. All glory to God, I am not an idolater."

All the apostles We had sent before you were men of those regions, to whom We sent Our revelations. Have they not travelled on the earth and seen what befell the people before them? Surely the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear straying from the right path. Do you not understand?

When the apostles despaired and thought they were made false promises, Our help arrived, and We delivered whom We pleased; but never will Our punishment be averted from the sinners.

Verily in their accounts is a lesson for men of wisdom. This is not a fictitious tale, but a verification of earlier Books, and a clear exposition of everything, and a guidance and grace for those who believe.