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Yet those who are disbelievers say: "You are not the apostle sent (by God)." Tell them: "God is sufficient as witness between me and you, and he who has knowledge of the Book."

ALIF LAM RA. A Book We have sent down to you that you may lead men out of darkness into light, by their Lord's command, to the path of the mighty, the worthy of praise.

God, to whom belongs all there is in the heavens and the earth. Woe to the unbelievers for the terrible punishment (that awaits).

Those who hold the life of this world dearer than that of the next, who obstruct the path of God and seek obliquity in it, have wandered far into error.

We never sent a messenger who did not speak the tongue of his people, that he may explain to them distinctly. God leads whosoever He wills astray, and shows whoever He wills the way: He is all-mighty and all-wise.

Remember when We sent Moses with Our signs (We said): "Bring your people out of darkness into light, and remind them of the visitations of God. Indeed there are signs in this for every steadfast, thankful soul"