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Their apostles said to them: "Indeed we are men like you, but God bestows His favours on whomsoever He wills among His creatures. It is not in our power to bring a miracle for you without the leave of God. The believers should only place their trust in God.

And why should we not repose our trust in God when He has shown us our paths of duty to Him? We shall bear with fortitude the hardships you inflict upon us. The trusting place their trust in God."

The unbelievers said to their apostles: "We shall drive you out of our land, or else you come back to our fold." Their Lord then communicated to them: "We shall annihilate these wicked people,

And establish you in their place. This is for him who fears My station, and dreads My commination."

Then (the apostles) asked of God's assistance, and every arrogant tyrant was frustrated:

Before him is Hell, and he will get putrid liquid to drink.

He will sip it, yet will not be able to gulp it down. Death will crowd in upon him from every side, but die he will not. A terrible torment trails him.

Like ashes are the deeds of those who deny their Lord, which the wind blows away on a windy day. They shall have no power over what they earned. This is the farthest limit of going astray.