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By the leave of its Lord its fruit in all seasons, God presents words of wisdom to men that they might reflect.

An evil act is like a rotten tree torn out of the earth with no (base or) firmness.

With immutuble words God makes the faithful dauntless in the life of the world and the life to come, but leads the unjust into error, for God does as He pleases.

Have you not looked at those who repaid God's favours with ingratitude; who pulled their people down to ruin,

Hell, where they will roast in the fire? And what an evil repository!

They have appointed equals of God to mislead people from His path. Tell them: "Enjoy yourselves (so long as you may). In the end you have to go to Hell."

Tell those of My creatures who believe: "Observe your devotional obligations and give of what We have given you in charity, secretly or openly, before the Day arrives when there will be no buying or selling or befriending."

It is God who created the heavens and the earth, and sent down rain from the sky producing fruits for your food thereby, and made you master of the ships that ply in the oceans by His command, subjected the rivers to your control,

And subjugated the sun and moon for you so that they perform their tasks diligently; and subdued the night and day for your service.