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(And) they would hasten forward, heads lifted upwards, gazes fixed, and emptied out their hearts.

Warn the people of that Day when the punishment would be inflicted upon them. Then will the wicked say: "O our Lord, give us respite a while more. We shall heed Your call and follow the apostles." (But they will be told,): "Are you not those who used to swear: 'There is no reverse for us?'

Yet you dwelt in the dwellings of those who had exceeded themselves, and it was evident to you how We had dealt with them; and We held out examples before you."

Still they are plotting their plots, but evident are their plots to God, even though they are so adroit as to make the mountains move.

Think not that God would go back on His promise (made) to the apostles. Indeed God is mighty, the Lord of retribution.

The day when the earth will he replaced by some other than the earth, as will be the skies, and every one will appear before God the one and omnipotent,

You will see the wicked on that day bound together in chains.

Of molten pitch shall be their garments, their faces covered with flames,

That God may reward each soul for its deeds. Indeed God is swift at reckoning!

This is a message for mankind that they may take a warning from it, and may know that He is the one and only God, and that men of wisdom may reflect.