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ALIF LAM RA. These are the verses of the Book and the perspicuous oration.

The unbelievers would haply like to wish that they had submitted (and become Muslim).

Leave them to feast and revel, beguiled by hope; they will come to know soon.

Not one habitation have We destroyed but at the time determined for it.

No people can hasten or delay the term already fixed for them.

And yet they say: "You, to whom this Exposition has been sent are surely possessed of the Devil.

If you are a man of truth, why can't you bring the angels to us?"

But then We never send the angels down save with the purpose (of enforcing their doom), after which they will not be given more respite.

We have sent down this Exposition, and We will guard it.

We had also sent apostles to people of earlier persuasions.

But never once an apostle came to them at whom they did not scoff.

We place in the hearts of sinners (disbelief).

So, they will not believe in it: The example of former people is there.

Even if We open a door in the heavens and they ascend through it in broad daylight,

They will say all the same: "Our eyes were dazed (and clouded over). We were a people ensorcelled."