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We have placed the signs of the Zodiac in the sky, and decked it out for those who can see;

And We have preserved it from every accursed devil,

Except the ones who listen on the sly, yet they are chased away by a shooting flame.

We stretched the earth and placed upon it firm stabilisers, and made all things grow upon it balanced evenly.

We have provided on it sustenance for you, and for those you cannot provide.

Of all things there are We have the stores, and send them down in determined measure.

We send rain-impregnated winds, and water from the sky which you drink, but you are not the keepers of its store.

It is We who give life and We who give death, and We are the One who will abide.

We surely know those of you who go forward and those of you who lag behind.

Your Lord will surely gather them together: Certainly He is all-wise and all-knowing.

Man We fashioned from fermented clay dried tingling hard,

As We fashioned jinns before from intense radiated heat.

But when your Lord said to the angels: "I am verily going to create a human being from fermented clay dried tingling hard;

And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, bow before him in homage;"

The angels bowed in homage in a body

Except Iblis. He refused to bow with the adorers.