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"How is it, O Iblis," said (the Lord), "you did not join those who bowed in homage?"

"How could I bow," said he, "before a mortal whom You created from fermented clay dried tingling hard?"

"Go hence, execrable," (said the Lord), "from this place,

Condemned till the day of Doom!"

"O my Lord," said he, "give me respite till the day the dead are raised."

"You are among the reprieved," (said the Lord),

"Till the predetermined time."

"O my Lord," he said, "since You have led me into error I'll beguile them with the pleasures of the world and lead them astray,

Except the chosen ones among Your creatures."

(To which God) said: "This way is right by Me.

No power shall you have over (all) My creatures except those who fall into error and follow you,

For whom the ordained place is surely Hell,

Which has several gates, and each gate is marked for every section of them."

Verily those who keep away from evil and follow the straight path shall be in the midst of gardens and springs of water.

"Enter in peace and tranquility," (they will be told).

We shall cast out any grudge they may have in their hearts. (There) they will sit on couches face to face like brothers together.

No weariness will come upon them, nor will they be sent away from there.

Announce to My creatures that I am indeed forgiving and kind,

But My punishment is surely a painful one.

Inform them about the matter of Abraham's guests.